Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

September 21, 2018 7:13 pm

Pupil Voice

Miss Wenlock and Miss Gardner led our Friday assembly this week to announce the voting process, for the election of our School Council members, for this academic year. The children left the hall discussing how they would plan their speeches. The Student Council is a very important part of being an Eastfield pupil. I wish every candidate good luck. Together you help us shape the future of our school.


Reading remains a priority area once again this year. Please chat to your children about their reading at school. Please read with your children at home and discuss the text they are reading.

Hints for listening to your child read

  • When reading together at home try to make the time relaxed, enjoyable and positive. Vary it. Read together, read to your child and take turns or have them read to you.
  • Before reading, talk about the cover, the title and the pictures, and discuss what the book may be about.
  • During reading, discuss what has been read up to that point and predict what might happen next.
  • After you’ve finished reading with your child, talk and ask questions about the story and the pictures.

Useful reading tips

When your child is reading and encounters words that are difficult for them, use the Three Ps technique Pause, Prompt, Praise to support them.

Pause:  when your child comes to a word they don’t know, try not to jump in straight away. Wait and give your child time to work out the word.

Prompt: if your child successfully works out the problem word, suggest they go back to the beginning of the sentence and re-read it (to recap meaning) before reading on.

If your child has not worked out the problem word, prompt them with some quick, low-key suggestions. Say things like:

  • “Try reading on for a sentence or two, miss out the difficult word and see if that helps you to work it out.”
  • “Look at the sound the word begins with, use that clue, and think about what may make sense here? Look at the pictures.”

If prompts like these are not working, simply tell your child the correct word.

Try not to spend too much time prompting, as your child will find it difficult to maintain the overall meaning of what they are reading.

Praise: praise your child’s reading efforts and successes.

Have a look at reading at Eastfield this week below:

Healthy Packed Lunches

Thank you to all our Parents and Carers who popped into our workshop led by our borough nutritionist. It was such an interesting session whereby many ideas were shared. There will be other sessions throughout the year too.

ESOL Adult Classes

Friday saw the beginning of our adult learning classes. It was great to see so many members of our community eager to take their learning on to the next stage. Thank you for coming and thank you Joan for organising this.

Archeological Find!

Dawn, our wonderful Welfare Officer, has made a historical discovery. Look! Can you help us identify what these objects are and what year, era they came from? Dawn found them in our Secret Garden…

Have a great weekend!

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Christalla Jamil

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