Attendance & Punctuality Procedure 

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Health and Wellbeing at Eastfield

If your child needs to take on-going medication e.g. for asthma, epilepsy etc, please come into school and discuss your child’s requirements with the Welfare Officer, Deputy Head or Head Teacher. You will be asked to contribute to a Medical Care Plan outlining your child’s medical needs, the dose and timing of medication and what action should be taken in an emergency. The medicine must be prescribed by a Doctor/Nurse and in its original container. The Care Plan and medication will be kept in the Welfare Room and administered under the supervision of an adult.

If your child becomes ill or sustains any injury at school, they will be given first aid by staff. If it is deemed necessary parents will be asked to come to the school to collect their child.

Can you please ensure that the office are notified of any change of telephone number or address, for either yourself or other persons listed on the blue contact form. This will enable us to contact you quickly should an emergency arise.

Sickness and Diarrhoea

If a child is ill with sickness and diarrhoea the school requires that they be kept at home for 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. This is in line with the NHS guidelines.

Infectious Diseases

Parents are expected to inform the school of any infectious diseases as soon as possible.

Covid 19 – Risk Assessment & Information

Head Lice

This is a very common problem in schools, which is easily treatable at home. Treatments can be purchased at the chemist. If you do discover head lice and would like more information on what they are and how to treat them please follow this link. NHS -Head lice .

Ring Worm

Ringworm is another occasional problem in schools, which is easily treatable. It appears as a circular red or silvery patch of skin that may be scaly, inflamed and itchy. There is no need for your child to be off school once treatment has started. If you think your child may have ringworm please consult your local pharmacist or doctor for treatment. More information can be found by following this link. NHS-Ringworm

Child Protection

The Area Child Protection Committee, with members from Social Care, Health Departments, Police, NSPCC, the Education Department and others, have published procedures on Child Protection. The procedures give clear instructions for school staff to inform Social Care immediately of any allegation of abuse or non-accidental injury. It is the duty of the school to follow these instructions. Parents/carers are informed as soon as possible. A copy of the school’s Child Protection Policy is available on Policies page.

School Nursing Central point of access

The school nursing central point of access can work out of school to help provide or find you support about:-

Keeping Healthy
Emotional Health
Weight Management
Head Lice
Drugs and Alcohol
Sexual Health

 Contact Details

Telephone No – 0203 988 7300  – Select option 2 for the school nurse

Email –