Cool Stuff

Welcome to the Cool Stuff! There’s lots of exciting events happening at Eastfield Primary School such as Stuart Lawrence (Stephen Lawrence’s brother visiting our school), celebrating Number Day, Children in Need, After school Club etc. We want all the children to experience a variety of events and activities whilst they are at Eastfield Primary School. Culture Capital is very important to us! Have a look below at the fun, exciting and engaging activities that the children are exposed to at Eastfield.

World Cultural Diversity Day

The children in Years 2-6 had a fantastic afternoon watching a production of Oliver. Thank
you to all of those parents who were able to donate £4 towards the costs. Your
contributions enable us to look for more of these opportunities for our children in the future.

World Book Day – Potato Book Character Competition
Our thanks to all the children who entered our ‘Potato Book Character competition and

Congratulations to our winners!

World Book Day
Children and staff had a great time dressing up as their favourite characters. The day

started with a virtual assembly in which every teacher chose the ‘best dressed’ in their class. This was followed by ‘Reading Buddies’ with the older children reading to the younger children. Finally in the afternoon, all children across the school selected which story they wanted to listen to, and all moved around the school to find the book of their choice. It was lovely to have children of all ages sitting together and enjoying a story. All the children went home with a book to keep. Instead of the usual World Book Day voucher, we have managed to get over 450 books to give to the children to read and remind them of yesterday’s special day. Thank you to Miss. Hardy and Miss. Michael for organising the day and getting the books for the children.

Superhero day
We held our Superhero day, organised by our school council. As you can see, there were many brilliant costumes on display across the school, from both children and adults alike. Although the day was fun, it is in aid of raising money for a very serious cause. The School Council chose to raise money for a child who lives locally to us called Arianna. She is suffering from a rare form of cancer and funds are needed to help her family to pay for treatment. We are all very proud to be raising money for Arianna. As a school we have managed to raise over £650, which is a superb effort.

Badminton Club
For a whole term the children in Year 5 & 6 were lucky to learn how to play badminton after school with Mr. Statham and Mrs Hussain. We were very proud of the children how quickly they became experts at playing this sport. Some of the children were so inspired that they went out and purchased their own badminton racket! One day we hope some of our Eastfield children will become professionals playing this sport!

Stuart Lawrence
We were very lucky that Stuart Lawrence came to visit Eastfield on 9/3/22. Stuart, the brother of Stephen Lawrence who was killed in an attack in 1993, spoke to all the children across Y3-6 about overt and covert racism, the need for tolerance and kindness and gave advice regarding using words and not violence. Stuart’s mum, Doreen Lawrence, is one of our school role models (Y6 – Lawrence Class) for the incredible work she has done in being a leading voice against racism, and it is our hope that Eastfield children will follow in the footsteps of the Lawrence families to be future voices for peace, tolerance and community.


The children then wanted to share what they had learnt from our guest speaker! Click on the image below to view the responses…

Year 6 and Hawking class spent an afternoon with Miss. Edwards and Mrs. Hussain discussing Racism, Equality and Racial discrimination. We had 90 children working on the slideshow together! We are extremely proud of our children and they clearly understand what Racism is and how to challenge it.