Reading and Phonics

At Eastfield we recognise that reading is a life- long skill that should be taught systematically, throughout the school. In KS1 we use daily phonics teaching as a core approach to the teaching of early reading. Alongside the development of reading we teach comprehension skills and hope to develop a love of reading in our children, throughout the whole of KS1 and KS2.


In KS1 we teach phonics through the government scheme called Letters and Sounds.

It is a detailed, systematic phonics programme that is taught daily. Children are assessed regularly and links with Letters and Sounds are constantly being made through whole class reading and writing activities to support the children in their transferable skills.


In Year One all the children take part in Daily Supported Reading where children are in ability groups of 6 children. Each group reads with a trained adult, and does follow up activities based on their reading and comprehension of text. In Year Two, those children who need it, continue with DSR and others take part in Guided Reading and follow up activities which encourage them to read and work independently.

Reading Skills:

We know that phonic understanding is only part of the process of developing reading and that once children can recognise and pronounce words with growing confidence, then they can read simple books independently. We do recognize however, that there are additional skills that need to be learnt and practiced, especially as children become more fluent readers. These include: summarising stories, clarifying understanding, predicting, skimming and scanning as well as inferring and deducing from texts. These are taught not only in designated reading lessons, but through English teaching in general.

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Guided Reading:

The essential reading skills are developed through daily Guided Reading sessions. Every KS2 class will complete a 30 minute Guided Reading session each day. The children are grouped according to reading ability so that the teacher can focus on their specific needs. Children are engaged in quality independent or group literacy tasks. E.g. follow-on comprehension, Active Learn. And Bug Club or pre learning for the next session.

Reading Resources:

At Eastfield we source books from a range of different schemes as well as ‘real’ books. Our books are good quality texts chosen to reflect our children.

We also use the online  “BUG CLUB” resources – all children have their own individual user name and password to access a range of online books, that have been selected and targeted at their reading level, by their teacher

As the children progress, their reading skills improve and they move on to selecting their own reading books to take home from the school and class library. At all ages we encourage children to make independent book choices, that we hope will inspire and excite them to engage in reading independently, and read for pleasure in their own leisure time.

Useful websites and documents:

Below are some websites that might be useful for you and your child, helping them with their reading.

  • Bug Club for leveled reading books that are set for your child by your child’s teacher.
  • For interactive games that will support spelling, punctuation and grammar

Letters and Sound-pdf

  • The government Letters and Sounds document.

  • A phonic website with interactive games and printable resources.

  • A phonics website with interactive games for children.

Recommended Reading Books

Select one of the links below to view our recommended  reading book lists.