Health & Wellbeing Introduction

Our Health and Wellbeing section provides information on how to care for yourself to both children and parents.

Learning in Health and Wellbeing ensures that children and young people develop the knowledge, understanding and skills which they need now and in the future.

At Eastfield Primary School we believe that embedding Health and Wellbeing across learning, whether this takes place within the school or other learning environments, at home or in the wider community is crucial to healthy development and lifestyles.

The aspects of Health and Wellbeing which are the responsibility of all are:

  • Mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Social wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Planning for choices and changes
  • Features of relationships
  • Physical activity and sport.

Alongside acquiring the essential skills of English and Mathematics, the development of skills and knowledge in Health and Wellbeing sits at the very centre of all learners’ experiences. The development of knowledge and skills embedded within Health and Wellbeing are central to healthy development, rewarding and fulfilling lifestyles across the life stages, and the employability prospects of learners. They have the potential to impact positively on the development of self-belief, self-efficacy and on the attitudes and dispositions that will help towards their futures.

At Eastfield Primary School we commit to making it our mission to promote resilience and positive wellbeing for all our pupils and staff. We understand wellbeing as state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. We will drive the message forward, to ensure that mental health is “everyone’s business” across the whole school community. Please read our well-being statement for more information.