Lunchtimes & Playtimes

Our school recognises the importance of all the children who attend having sufficient time and good places to play freely as part of their day.

Playing contributes to children’s health, wellbeing and happiness as well as to their learning and their ability to learn. Most importantly playing contributes to children’s ability to thrive and survive.

We believe that we can make a very positive contribution to children’s lives by valuing their urge and desire to play and providing for a broad range of play opportunities within the school’s playground.

We have zoned areas allocated to specific activities such as football, dance, tennis and even a quiet area to read! To ensure children are active, we have a number of sports coaches and playleaders who run activities on a daily basis. We have a group of young horticulturists who tend to our garden.

Sometimes issues arise. We support our children to independently solve these issues in our “Cooler”. An adult, who can assist the children if necessary, supports this area.