Phonics & Early Reading

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Read Write Inc – Progression Map

At Eastfield, we follow the scheme ‘Read, Write, Inc’ (RWI) to teach phonics. We start by teaching the programme in your child’s Reception year and continue until they have progressed through the whole reading scheme, usually this is during years One or Two. 

Children start by learning the Set 1 sounds and progress to learning sounds that pairs or groups of letters make (Special Friends). Click here to hear the sounds your child will learn. 

Children are then taught to use Fred Talk and to blend these sounds together. Once your child can blend the sounds, they will start to read green words using the sounds they have learnt. As soon as children can read green words, they begin to read stories in their Read, Write, Inc sessions. Each storybook is matched to the sounds they can already read, which sets them up for success and helps to build their confidence with reading. It is through these storybooks that we teach children red words, which are irregular words that are not phonetically plausible and cannot be sounded out (Fred talked). Each storybook is taught in the same way, with children practising reading the green words in the story and also the red words, before they begin to read the book. Children will then read the book several times to help build their fluency and comprehension skills. 

Children are taught in small groups which reflect their phonic knowledge and reading fluency. We regularly assess children so that they are taught in a RWI group which matches their phonic knowledge. We make sure that pupils read books that are closely matched to their increasing phonic ability so they experience early reading success and gain confidence that they are readers.

Once children are able to read words and stories, they will bring home a reading book that matches the one they have read in their phonics group. Please support your child to read this book. 

Select the links below to find a selection of resources and more information to support your child’s learning at home.

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