Remote Learning Gallery

Welcome to our Remote Learning Gallery

During the lockdown parents/carers and children were asked to share their remote work and activities with us. Take a look below for some of the many images that were sent in. Well done to you all, you certainly kept busy.


The children and parents had another fantastic afternoon away from the screen, choosing a range of activities from the Wellbeing grid. Great work everyone! Eastfield Staff.

Children had a great time away from computers, tablets and tv screens on our first ‘Feel Good Friday’. Click on the image below to see the photos that have been shared with us.


Year 3 – Volcano experiment Have a look at the slide show to see how it went.


Year 3 – Take a look below at this amazing animal picture made by using leaves.

Year 1- Click on the image below to be able to read about this lovely rainbow that gives out chocolate hearts and candy. The children  have not only written about their rainbow, they have also bought it to life on a wall! Lovely.

Year 1 Writing – Rules for using magic chalk!

Year 1 Writing – Based on Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

Year 1 Science – Labelling body parts

Year 3 –  This is the character from my Horrible History’s book about Vikings

The first pictures for this half term are from year 3 and year 6.

This young lady from year 6 was unable to celebrate Eid at the Mosque so together with her mum they build their own.

Click on the image to take a closer look at the details they have added.

From year 3 we start with this great volcano. I particularly like the way pipe cleaners have been used to show the larva erupting from the top.


Here are the last of this half terms home learning photos.

You have all been so busy producing great work. Well done and thank you  for  all sending in such great examples of home learning

Enjoy the half term break and stay safe.

One of our year 1 children has been busy writing a poem about Sid the cat. Click on the image below to take a closer look. I really enjoyed it, I think you will too. Great home learning.


From year two we have someone who is really enjoying a great mixture of home learning.  We have reading, writing, a great poster about being kind and a video showing him joining in singing lesson with Mr Heard. Why not join Mr Heard too? You will find the music lessons on the home learning page, just click on the blue music icon.


       Click on the images to view the videos.


Ready to go into battle with Greek shields from year 5. Also from year 5 a diagram showing growth of a plant from seed to flower.



Seldi made a lovely Stay at Home and Thank you to Teachers poster.


Origami fish made as part of an art home learning task!

Brooke worked on this spray painting of space with her dad.

Reception- I labelled body parts on the shadow I outlined.

From Reception – I drew me and my mum and dad travelling to Legoland on a broom.

I doubled my numbers on ladybugs.

Aiman conducted an experiment that tests the water flow in celery using food dye. After we peeled a layer off, the results really started to show. What great results!

A wonderful scroll from year 5.

Have a look below for some great examples of home learning from years Reception and year 3. In the first picture meet Milly the fun because she likes to have fun.

Click on the images to take a closer look and read the great work.



Some very busy children from year 2.

Some more cooking here with some home made pizza from year 3.

Starting week 8 we have children from reception and year 6 very busy at home, cooking some delicious Fudgy Brownies, investigating shadows, making toilet roll animals  & practicing tying show laces! Wow. Busy busy busy.

The Final photograph this week is of our Diorama competition winner. This fantastic tribute to the NHS with impressive attention to detail was created by a year 3 pupil. It  even has  Sponge Bob Square Pants on the TV!

Thank you and well done to everyone who took part in the competition.

In this slide show we have the  entries received for the Diorama competition.

A bit of team work here from year 3 and year 5 they have made a great little oven. See if you can discover what items from around the house they have used to create it.

From a year 6 pupil we have a  NHS hero poster. Have a close look, the doctor is wearing a little mask.

Click to  take a look at the details of this very colourful Environmental poster from year 5.

A Year 5 pupil enjoying her Ancient Greek project. Great Greek clay  pots.

A Ramadan lantern made by a year 4 pupil. A year 2 pupil writing a diary about his week with the support of his elder sister who is in year 4. Great team work.

Playing Headbanz with our mum. Its a very exciting and competitive game.

Some great work, an amazing treasure map and a pirate ship, all from one year 3 pupil. Great home learning.

From year 1 we have a cute picture of a panda. If you take a closer look you will see labels have been added describing it. Lovely home Learning.

From year 1 we have some interesting facts about Penguins and a birthday card for Lando. Lucky Lando. Click on the images to take a closer look.

From year 5 we have a very detailed poster on the Environment . Click on the image to take a closer look.


Here we have a young person from year 1 who looks very happy with his work and he should be. It’s wonderful!

Click on the images below to be able to read this  story from a young lady in year 2. What great descriptive language, excitement and a happy ending. What more could you want from a story. Wow!


This young lady from year 1 has been busy again. This time she has used her skills to recreated a painting. Great work and so colourful.


It’s the beginning of week 5 home learning and we start with one of the youngest members of our school from Nursery.

More great pictures from this very busy family.

The first picture shows a year 3 pupils  superhero, created using using pop art and pointillism.  He gave him the name Astounding Aiman. Pictures two and three are of one of our younger pupils in reception. He made a cozy reading den out of chairs, blankets and pillows with the help of mum and big sister. He also composed a show for his family to watch.

Click on the image below to read this wonderful rhyming poem from a year one pupil, Its all about being at home.

Yr 5 – Link to  Ancient Greek Olympics. The first picture shows this young man with the support of his dad making a catapult.The second shows it in action. Great home learning.

Today we have lots of examples of great home learning all from year 2.We have Cooking, Descriptive writing, Keeping Healthy and Maths! Well done everyone.


Reception have been busy making models. Here we have a camera. Click on the image to take a closer look. Great work.


We now have a poet in year one. What lovely writing too. Click on the image to be able to read the poem.


Here we have some messages from year 3 and 4,  for  everyone at Eastfield. We miss you too!


This young lady from year 5 has been learning about ‘Ancient Greek History’ and has made this amazing clay pot using Polly Maclay.

Another busy household. This wonderful wall display is from children in reception, year 2 and year 5 and represents a welcome to the month of Ramadan in Islam, and a tribute to keyworkers and everyone at Eastfield primary school.

Year 6 – Learning life skills.

This is a busy house! Home learning from reception, year 2 and year 6. Well done to you all!

Here we have a super hero from year 3. Lovely curly hair.


Maths challenge number 1 make a tangram. A year 3 pupil has taken part in the first challenge, great work.  Have a look in the whole school section on the home learning page for further details.

Learning Days of the week months of the year and naming parts of the body.

Week 4

Thank you for all of the photos you sent in this week. We’re looking forward to seeing what home learning you do next week. Keep up the great work.

Another great Pirate ship and treasure map from year 3. Even more treasure in Enfield. I wonder is anyone has found some treasure yet?


‘The Greek God of the Sky’,  Zeus by  year 5. I wonder if you can name what he is holding in this hands?


Take a look at this picture graph created by a reception pupil. They counted the cars that passed by their window and recorded the information in 2count on Purple Mash. Which colour car did did they see the most? Great work.

Some more Pirate themed work from year three. A very detailed model of a  pirate ship  and another treasure map. There must be so much treasure buried in Enfield.

Today we have a treasure map and some very good  descriptive writing about a pirate from year 3. Also a beautifully painted model from reception. Great work.


A member of our reception class has drawn a his own superhero, with its unique super powers. This superhero has super muscle powers, super speed and flying powers.


Some super adjective work by year 2.


Great Home learning from Year 1 and all by the same person.

An art project form theHome Learning Timetable – Children were asked to on a nature walk and find a plant to draw.

A Rainbow for the NHS

A tricky mathsNRICH ‘brain booster’ set on the Home Learning Timetable


Now we have a dress designer in reception and also not one but two rainbows!

Using her own  pattern this young designer has now  created her own dress.



A message and a wonderful rainbow to for their teacher by reception.


A beautiful self portrait by a student in year 5

Year 5 children are keeping busy take a look at these images from a budding artist.

A different type of rainbow from year one. A Rainbow Rose!

A colourful rainbow and a message to all from a year 2 pupil.

Another great model this time from year 1. I can’t believe how tall it is. Who’s eaten all the Jaffa cakes and I hope nobody is looking for the toothpaste!


Home Learning from year 6 and taking time to think of others.


Would you like to know more about the Greek God Zeus? Have a look at the picture below for some very informative work from Year 5.


Great Model  making by reception class. What a lovely way to recycle things you are throwing out.


What great team work by years 3 and 5 children.

Another picture to support the NHS by a great artist in year 5.

Oh no. A volcano has erupted in Enfield! Take a look at the slide show below and at the end there is a wonderful rainbow. Again the photos are from year 1. Amazing Home Learning.

More pictures from year 1. What fantastic home learning, keep up the great work.


Our butterflies have hatched from their cocoons and the metamorphosis cycle is complete! How lovely two new members of the Eastfield family have arrived with the help of year 2 and reception children.

A treasure map from year 3. It looks so old. I wonder where he found it? Happy treasure hunting.

This rainbow path from children in reception and year 3 it must have taken such a long time. Amazing!

Maths home learning from reception class. Well done. Keep up to good work.

More great posters from children in year 1 and year 4, giving important messages to all. Well done.

Our first photo from year 5. What an amazing poster to support the NHS. Great work!

Welcome to the Summer Term – Click image to view


To all the wonderful children at Eastfield, some messages from us to you.

Click Image to View




Harvest Festival October


Year 6 Assembly and leavers party 2017


Year 6 – Animals from the walls!

Animals have been coming out of the walls in year 6! Not only have year 6 written fantastic stories inspired by the writing of Neil Gaiman, they have also crafted some superb paper mache animals heads which make our school hall look fabulous. Next time you are in school, look out for them.


KS1 Road Safety Assembly


Word Book Day


Violin and Cello Music Assembly


Whole School – Black History Month

Friday 7th October saw the start of a series of Black History Month assemblies that are set to take place at Eastfield Primary School. Our first guest was Brian Kerr, who was joined by his colleagues Toby and Donovan. Brian is a former professional table tennis player, who has led a quite extraordinary life. As well we being a wiz with a table tennis bat, he also plays the drums, does charitable work with the BAT foundation to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s, met the queen, taken photos of celebrities such as Thierry Henry and played drums during the London 2012 Olympics! During the assembly told us about the journey he has taken through his life and also demonstrated his table tennis skills by playing Mr Anderson with a whole host of items, including a frying pan and a slipper! He also gave some tuition to some lucky volunteers on how to serve as well as how to properly hold a bat.

It was wonderful to have such a talented man in our school to help to inspire us all. We look forward to meeting again when Brian visits our school to see some of the children’s assemblies!



Summer Term

Year 2 – Sea Life Adventure Aquarium

On Thursday 7th July 2016 Year 2 visited the Sea-Life Centre in Southend. The children explored habitats that included many species of fish as well as lobsters, eels, rays, turtles and sharks. They were also very excited to touch a starfish and a crab. We were very proud of the way the children behaved, especially being sensible around the animals. We all had a great day and even managed to find Nemo!


Year 2 – A Visit from the Fire Safety Officer

On Wednesday 6th July 2016 Year 2 were visited by a Fire Safety Officer from the London Fire Brigade. The children learnt how to keep their homes safe and what to do if they discovered a fire. They watched a cartoon, learnt some safety rhymes and a song. Two children even dressed up in a firefighter’s jacket, trousers and helmet!

June 2016 Violin and Cello Concert


June 2016 District Sports at Lee Valley Sports Centre

Our boys won the relay and are through to the finals next week. Well done to all who took part.