Intent, Implementation, Impact

Science – Progression Map

Our Science Principles

Good Science occurs at Eastfield when…….

  • Children are working as a team and are actively engaged
  • Children are asking questions,making predictions and are given the opportunity to explore using good quality resources
  • Children are using scientific vocabulary in the correct context.
  • Children are given the opportunity to talk about what they know/are learning/ have learnt
  • Children are able to use the local area to explore.

Our Vision

At Eastfield, children are given many opportunities to learn through practical activities and real-life experiences, developing their scientific skills in the process.  The ‘Working Scientifically’ skills form a large part of our curriculum and support the children through planning various investigations and evaluating their results. As a result, they take ownership of their learning and form a stronger understanding of the topics that they are studying.

At Eastfield, we regularly participate in science lessons in the wider environment and we also have visitors from a variety of different backgrounds.  We aim to show children the different contexts in which science can be used and the variety of professions that include this

We hope that this inspires the children to investigate the world around them and that it inspires them to take their learning of science further and extend this beyond school.